FAQ (Things you should know)

Carpet Shop Indonesia was established in 2015 in Indonesia under CV. Berlian Inti Cahaya. Our office is located in North Jakarta. Early in 2015, Carpet shop Indonesia started by selling through Instagram and selling only in Indonesia. In 2016, we developed by creating a website and started operating in February 2017, under the name On September 9, 2019, Carpet Shop Indonesia started selling carpets for international, under the name Our vision is to sell carpets at the lowest price of the highest quality. Happy shopping, Thank You.

Easy way to buy carpets at

1. Search for your favorite carpets on this website, select the quantity you want to buy then click "BUY".

2. Select "CONTINUE SHOPPING" if you want to see other carpets, or select "PAY NOW" if you want to pay for your carpet.

3. When you click "PAY NOW" there will be a login pop up.

If you don't have an account, you can register directly or you can also make transactions directly with no need for an account.

(If you buy without an account, you cannot get a receipt number to track your items.)

4. Please fill all your shipping information data completely and correctly on "Billing Information, Shipping Information" Then review your order.

5. If you buy goods for someone else (Dropshipper), please click "Send As Dropshipper" and fill in the recipient's name and telephone number.

Your bill will be sent WITHOUT the logo, shipping costs and prices.

6. If there is a note for us, please include it in the "Delivery Notes".

7. After completing the order information and click "Continue", double-check the details of the recipient's name, the items purchased and then click on PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD logo to continue payment.

8. Check and read our "Terms & Conditions" then click "Proceed With Payment".

9. You will be re-direct your payment to the PAYPAL page.

If you want to pay by credit card, select "PAY WITH THE BANK ACCOUNT OR CREDIT CARD".

10. Complete your payment and finish.

*** We will process your order 2-3 business days and deliver to the courier of your choice. The receipt will be posted on your account no later than the 5th day after payment. business hours, Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00 (Jakarta, Indonesia GMT + 07)

You will be able to see your item delivery receipt on "Check Order".

Enter your invoice number starting with "SO ......." and click "Check" After getting the receipt number, you can check your goods via the official courier website.

You can change the address if there is an error in the shipping address details IF reporting directly via Whatsapp / Email** within 1-2 hours after payment is completed.

If the item has been sent by courier, we cannot withdraw your purchase item to replace the address.

Buyers can directly contact the courier by mentioning your receipt number if possible.

** WhatsApp +62 821 1010 7111
** Email :
Goods that have been purchased cannot be exchanged or returned.

A refund can be made if the item has not been sent to the courier.

Refunds will not be returned 100% due to commission from the payment gateway.

Refunds will return to your credit card at least 14 working days depending on bank regulations.
Packaging items for carpets are folded and wrapped in plastic.

After the item arrives at your home, please roll it straight away so you don't see any folds on the carpet.
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