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Carpets and Rugs Available Online in Singapore

About 73% of internet users in Singapore purchase products online. Why push through crowds when you have everything at your fingertips? From clothes to gadgets, many use e-commerce platforms to make purchases. Similarly, heading down to a physical carpet shop in Singapore to browse through heaps of floor covering may not be appealing to some. With online stores like ours on the rise, you can get what your heart desires with just a click.

Your Choice Carpet Supplier | We Ship to Singapore

As a carpet supplier in Indonesia, our online store carries a large variety of floor covering that we deliver to Singapore. The selection of Carpets and rugs we have in-stock for shipment to Singapore include:

1. Doormats
Perfectly sized for any entryway, our doormats ensure that all outdoor soil is left at your doors, outside your beautiful home.

2. Prayer Rugs
Available in different sizes and colours, our collection of prayer rugs online will create a comfortable environment for your practice in Singapore.

3. Persian Collection
Adorning intricate patterns, these rugs are made in Iran, assuring our customers authentic middle eastern influences.

4. Office Carpets
Gives your workspace the much needed classy and elegant look a well-running enterprise should have.

5. Turkish Rugs
High-quality tapestry with traditional designs that will play well with any modern household.

6. Living Room Carpets
Affordable way to revamp the look of a house - these not only provide comfort, they also hide imperfections in flooring.

7. Modern Collection
With clean lines, modern carpets take home decor to another level with its simplicity.

Choose Us for Premium Carpets and Rugs Delivered to Singapore

For more options, browse through the various product pages that carry a range of rugs online with elaborate designs for your home or office in Singapore. We also have pictures that will aid you in determining if the carpet of your choice compliments your home decor, wall colour, and flooring type.

For more information on types and prices of the carpets displayed online, contact us at or drop us a message using our inquiry form.

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